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As a musician (probably you will argue this fact with me) the only option for me to make it in the Music Industry will be to go Self-Employed /Freelance. Being Self-Employed can give you freedom to do things in your own way, rather than being told by someone else, but at what price?  
Being freelance is an enormous commitment and if you are not self-organised and disciplined, it’s guaranteed 99.9% that your business will fail. The same principle applies, if you have these personal skills, that there will be 99.9% guarantee of success. Why 99.9%, because as everything in this world everyone needs a dose of luck to make it or just to survive. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do best, if you missing these skills that I already mentioned, it’s very possible to end up with a debt, which means bankruptcy. And this is probably the last thing that you want to happen.   So what can you do to prevent such a scenario!?
Like any other person everyone has their strongest and weakest points. It’s important to anyone to be able to develop and improve new skills constantly and also to adapt to the present situation. And this is just in general. In the rest of this essay I’ll try to make a point on the details, these little straws that break the camel’s back.
Managing your own money in business environment can be tricky if you are not familiar with the government and its laws and regulations.   But the Golden Rule that will help you to prevent any future financial problems is that you should put aside 30% from any income made in a separate bank account different from your current, so in this way you will be in safe position to pay your taxes as a freelancer. So let’s see what the mainstream of income is for a musician. It’s fairly obvious that this can be record sales, gigs and merchandise. It’s a long and difficult way for any musician to get to a level where he/she can enjoy a comfortable life. So let’s see what obstacles you should beat and what skills you need...


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