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"Appointment with Love”

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"Appointment with Love”
Is it real to fall in love with a person you have never seen? Has appearance got any significance and influence for the true feeling? And does a destiny exist? These are just some questions that S.I.Kishor touched upon in her romantic short story, "Appointment with Love”.
Born in London, England, Sulamith began writing at age 5 and had several of her poems printed in British publications by the time she was 10. When Sulamith was 13, her family moved to New York City where she studied later languages and history at Hunter College. She wrote widely, and was published in several magazines, including The New Yorker, Saturday Review, and Reader's Digest.
In "Appointment with Love” the author tells us a story about a young lieutenant Blandford and lady, Hollis Meynell, who had fallen in love but never seen each other. The young lieutenant Blandford fought in the war, while someday he run across some wise notes made by a woman in the book he had taken from the army library. He found her address in the telephone book and later she replied to his letter. During thirteen months by letters she gave him strength and upheld his spirit in the war even being far away, so one day he realized that he had sincere and strong feeling for her. Now the lieutenant was waiting for this woman in Grand Central Station and he was excited a lot because Hollis Meynell rejected to send a photo and he didn’t know how she was look like. They made an agreement to identify each other: she should have a red rose on the lapel and he should have a book “Of Human Bondage” that by chance helped them to know each other. The one woman he saw was a beautiful lady, wearing a green suit but, unfortunately, she had no red rose on her jacket. The woman who had was the lady behind her. She was well past forty and Blandford at first felt some disappointment but still greeted her considering that their close relationships could be more valuable than love. In the dénouement...


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