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The World vs God

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The World vs God
The Problem with the World’s Views on Christianity

When I went online to see what the main points of the world’s views on Christianity were, I came up with countless reasons of “Why Christianity is Wrong”, “Why Christianity is Bad for Humanity” or “Why You Should Abandon Christianity”. When all these reasons were put together, these main views came up:
o “Christianity has ruined the world’s culture because it promotes immorality and egocentricity.”
o “It’s God’s fault that the world is the way that it is.”
o “Christianity is the working definition of unfreedom.”
o “Christianity makes people live life less vigorously because they believe in life after death.”
o “Christianity is anti-scientific.”
As a Christian, when I look at these different statements, I feel shocked because they are exactly the opposite of what I know to be true about Christianity. And that is what this paper is to be about. These statements are so wrong and so mislead. Christianity is joy, peace, and freedom. And it’s totally real. That is the truth, and I strongly hope that the rest of the world will eventually know that to be true as well.
“Christianity has ruined the world’s culture because it promotes immorality and egocentricity.”
Early Christians set a model for their descendants to follow. Today’s modern secular societies try to imitate it, but without Christian motivation. We take for granted the notion that it’s good to help the needy and the oppressed, but wherever it’s found, whether in religious or secular circles, it can be traced right back to Jesus Christ and His followers.
o No other religion or philosophy values and practices taking care of the young, sick, orphaned, oppressed, and widowed so hands-on and sacrificially.
o Jesus expanded the Jewish obligation of compassion well beyond family – even to enemies. We all know that hate always leads to conflict, and that is why the world treasures this obligation more and more.
o Before Christianity,...


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