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14 Amend

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If you ask me :what is the most important amendment ? I think it is
the fourteen amendment. Why,because it states that any citizen in the United States of America has there own rights and that they dont have to walk around like slaves or prisoners.It is
also about how you have the right to
go around wearing what you want, but it has to be appropriate and you can almost do and act the way you are ,not the way anybody wants you to act. Without this amendment it would be like how they used to treat the jews
or how they treated the colored when they were just being themselves and I don't see nothing wrong with that.It would be like if Miss.Zahradnik asked me to only were turtleneck shirts EVERYDAY, on cold or killing hot days.But since I have my citizen rights I can choose what shirt I wear, but if I had to do it to pass the class
I wouldn't mind at all ,even though I would probably sweat to death.It is
also an important amendment because without it peope would be able to believe in their own religion, people would probably only have to be Chrisian's or Catholic's ,but this amendment shows that anybody can believe in what they want.This also includes that people
can be white, black, brown, or even orange but it don't matter because that can't stop the laws to take your rights. Even though people some people take these rights for granted they should look around and notice that some people will forget that you have rights and look at you like you trash or talk trash to you just because of your color or because of the way you talk or look.This amendment gives you the right to dye your hair pink, paint your whole skin green, wear a swimsuit at your house everyday, or even name your baby Gooshibihavin, which would be the wierdest name but you still can do it. There are tons of reasons that this amendment is important.But i think i mentioned a lot of good reasons.So I think I am done for now.


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