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Example Apology Letter to a Magistrate

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To The Sentencing Magistrates,

Firstly I would like to sincerely apologise for missing my earlier court dates. It was in no way intentional and I do take the fact I am appearing in court seriously. I am a single mother of two boys and have no family around after they all moved back to our home town of London. Myself and my children live in Sherbourne, Dorset and to get here today I have used buses, a train and finally a taxi. My first court date fell in the summer holidays and the second at 9.30am on a school morning and so with the distance and not having any care for my children I could not make the earlier hearings and again I would like to apologise and reassure the court that I do take this matter most seriously.

As for the matter in hand the implications of what I have done have had a serious affect on Myself and my children’s lives as I have since lost my job. This has left us in a dire way financially and ultimately my children are having to suffer for a mistake which is wholly mine and that has been a sentence in itself for me, as anyone who knows me would say that my children are the most important and precious things in my life and I love them more than life itself, and so to have to see them suffer for a selfish act which I did commit has hit me extremely hard and is something which I will never forgive myself for doing.

Along with losing my job after I told my bosses what I had done, I also lost the car which my Mother bought for me in December of last year after my Aunt passed away and left me a financial gift. My Mother used that money to buy a wonderful car for me to do my driving lessons and test in and then ultimately have to be able to take my Children on trips and days out thus bettering our Family life, unfortunately I have now done the total opposite and as a consequence of my selfish actions has seen us end up with neither a car or indeed any money for any trips out after I have now lost both my job and the car after it was seized by...


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