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History of Architecture - Analysis of Styles

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History of Architecture 2:

Final Requirement

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Gothic and Renaissance
      The Gothic and Renaissance period are two periods in architecture with quite a stark contrast yet have equal measure in intricateness and greatness. The Gothic period was a departure from classical architecture; growing out of Romanesque, while the Renaissance, coming after the Gothic, was the re-introduction of classical, widespread particularly in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and England.
      The Gothic Period generally focused on Church building. This was the period of pointed arches, complex ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses. With the development of concrete, more refined designs were achieved. The locality of the structures each favored a certain material however, usually a type of stone e.g. sandstone, limestone, etc. The windows and the gallery were arranged in a way to maximize light penetration. This coupled with the rich stained glass windows gave the typical gothic cathedral a heavenly atmosphere. Grotesques around the cathedral were believed to ward of sinister spirits while the gargoyles literally warded of sinister spirits, in the form of water, from deteriorating the structure and its foundation. Society in this era was overrun by religion, Christianity in particular, this being the reason behind the extensive church building of this era. The churches were considered the vessels of God on earth and the church had a strong affliction with it. The clerestory, triforium, and main arcade played an integral part in lighting. Walls...


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