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No to Drugs

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My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, let us gave thanks to our almighty god Allah swt. For all the nikmah that he gave to us everyday in our life. From day first till day end, day till night. And second of all, let us make shalawat to our beloved prophet Muhammad saw. From the age of the darkness to the age of the lightness. Alhamduliah.

So yeah, iam as myself standing right here, I wanted to have a little speech and it’s about globalization. Well you all have heard about globalization. Every place got globalization on itself. There got so many things that goes on globalization.
Globalization is around us here today. Everywhere you see is a world with a full of globalization. And I won’t be talking about the whole things. Iam just here going to share some of the globalization that I knew inside my head.
Let’s take an example of nowadays young age teenagers and the society around us.
Okay, as you guys can see how society outside. Well quite so many globalization every day in our life. We can see there is a lot of cars and other transportation on the traffic. And there also got so many dumps on the street and one of the globalization I should say the worst is drugs. Well drugs. What are the benefits of drugs? Why people like taking drugs? Is it tasty? Well I heard whenever someone tries on drugs they will fall in love with the drugs. The feeling is like falling in love with someone. And every one of us in here and each of us know that drugs are bad. Only idiots do drugs people!
I got a short story to share and it’s a true story about a kid who does drugs. Well this kid is just an ordinary kid. He lived with his mom and they both lived in a village quite nearby the city. So his age is around 15. He got a lot of friends around the village and even in the school. People respect him in the school, he got a lot of friends and he always got the best rank. So one day he was all alone on his way back home and he saw a guy pass by and that guy came to him...


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