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Money Is Permanent but People Are Temproray

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Take that money when you die:

As I always say that humans are very smart, they also show this smartness to god because everyone has reason to justify them. We cannot tolerate anything wrong or anything against us, it’s a basic process performed by humans and this condition where we worship our self is not exceptional.

This real world is bitter and nasty but on the same hand it’s beautiful and tasteful and sometimes it’s so tasty that you cannot resist yourself. The tempting and glamorous life lands us in fantasy world which is not less than any Cinderella story.

This fantasy world is not new to some, in fact some are lucky to avail it in the best possible way. Generally rich people and politicians enjoy the ticket of the fantasy world trip as they are blessed with cleverness and loads of money. For them anything can happen, whatever they desire.

But what about those who are just dreaming? They are just watching these fantasy trip ticket holders and they are getting insecure. Well we all have same dreams and same expectations. Everybody wants a nice home, an expensive luxury car, beautiful partner, rocking career and castle of money. All these things are achieved by great amount of hard work but who wants to do hard work? The answer is no one. But still the expectations and lust will remain constant and dramatic but again the problem remains as we all want these things but how? Humans have discovered the best way and that is working smart. They say instead of working hard, we should work smart and smartness is the mother of corruption when used in negative manner.

Humans are so cruel that they do not leave anyone, they can kill millions for there billions and others property is always tempting for them. To get the impossible humans behave like angels and when another human is trapped, then they show there real side.

Everyone knows that they will die one day and no one can take this property and money with them but still these foolish humans...


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