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Why Dentistry?

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Terry Nguyen
Sonia Chugh
FIGS: Exploring Dental Professions
September 24, 2012
Why Dentistry?
There is a wide variety of jobs that are out there in the world. With all of these jobs, an individual has many choices to make in order to pursue the career of their choice.   There really is a lot of fascinating career choices that amuse me, but the field of dentistry excites me the most. Going into this field will be difficult, requiring a lot of work and there is a lot of competition, but those are just bumps along the road to a successful career. I don’t know why exactly I want to go into dentistry, but I know that I love to help others. Ever since I was a kid, helping others would be on my top priority. By becoming an Orthodontist, I know that I’ll be able to help others with the skills and knowledge that I will learn. Some of the qualities that I think would make up a good dentist are trustworthiness, good social communication skills, and good hand coordination.   I am a trustworthy person and I know that I can provide my patients with the trust relationship that is really important for anyone that needs to rely on another person. I will talk to my patients and get to know them because why would someone go to a dentist that won’t even give you the time of day or actually have the time to know you. My hands may not be quick, but they are diligent and I can handle tasks that require precision and handling.
Patients come by and by, and most of them, if not all, are sad about the lining of their teeth and how it’s not “perfect.” When they come into an Orthodontist’s office, they come in hopes of fixing their teeth problem. I’ve never had the need to get braces, but I know how it feels like to not be able to do something in confidence, to do something without having to be judged by the way you are. I want to be the dentist that helps them solve their problem. I want to tell them how it will be okay, how the pain will be worth enduring to get the results that...


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