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Relevance of Gandhian Principles in Today's World in 1500 Words

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              A       PROJECT ON    

                NAME: SWETA NAHAR
    CLASS: 9
    YEAR: 2013

Computers have created a great impact in the world today. They are affecting our lives in more ways than we are probably even aware of. They are used almost anytime, anywhere. In fact it has now become a necessity in our daily lives.
When you see that your air or rail ticket is issued within a matter of seconds or your money can be withdrawn using ATM. You might have a feeling that the computer is far more intelligent than you are. But you may be surprised that the computer cannot perform a single task without your help. It is virtually a machine and it needs to be instructed exactly what is to be done.
Computers are present in a variety of physical packages. The original computers were the size of a large room and such enormous computing facilities still exists for specialized scientific computation.
Super computers: They are enormous computing facilities used for specialized scientific computations.
Mainframes: They are used for transaction processing requirements for large companies.
Personal Computers: They are smaller computers and are used for individual purposes. The portable equivalent of personal computer is known as notebook computers.
WHAT IS A COMPUTER?   A computer is an electronic device that can process raw data at very high speeds to give us meaningful information. The information to be processed may represent numbers, text, pictures or sound, amongst many other types. Computers are extremely versatile. In fact, they are universal information processing machines. Modern electronic computers also have enormous speed and capacity for information processing compared to earlier designs and they have become exponentially more powerful over the years. This...


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