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Conor Lewis                                                                                                                                 Task 1
There are a number of successful ingredients used effectively in Kerrang!, TOTP and NME print and online versions. The front cover of the print version of Kerrang! Is very bright and colourful which grabs the audience’s attention, as well as the cover star being large and bold in the centre of the mise-en-scene.   This represents how the image and star is supposed to be shown as loud and powerful reinforcing the message and iconography of loud music. The use of auto shapes also appeal to the audience and breaks the page up, however it is very busy and the colours used such as reds and yellows tend to clash with each other in an appealing way, with the main cover star appealing to the target audience of fans between 18 and 35 as it shows him with tattoo’s. This represents how the fans aspire and look up to these stars of their chosen genre, with the house style running throughout also representing the genre of heavy metal music. There is a clear symbiotic relationship shown between the two different media platforms as on the home page of the website it shows the front cover of the current issue, this encourages the reader to purchase the physical copy to discover more information as some may be kept off the website, as well as their being interactive features pages which reinforces the message of Kerrang! Being an immersive experience. As well as this the colours used again contrast each other with a grey background and brighter colours to draw the readers eyes to other aspects,. The ideology of the reader being interactive is shown as there is use of synergy with advertisements on the homepage allowing them to get involved with live music, as well as their own radio and TV being advertised represents a symbiotic relationship between the platforms. The magazine TOTP contrasts largely to this due to its contrasting target...


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