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Crime over Serveral Decades

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Crime over Several Decades

      As people have become more evolved, crime came as one of its major disadvantages. As people gained wealth, some lazy people thought of how they could gain wealth through dubious means. As time went by, crime became a major issue in the society and various ways had to be sought on how to mitigate the vice. The crime statistics have revealed how the government has been in the frontline in ensuring the security of its people from criminal activities. Based on the crime rates recorded since 1960 up to 2010, crime has shown to start to go up and down through the decades.

      Since 1960, the world was met with an increased rate of crime in the society. The increased rate of crime was attributed to the industrialization and the various social life improvements that some individuals in the society had attained. Even though the root of crime cannot be directly established from either the statistics or the sequence of events, it is obvious that the rate of crime increased with an increase in wealth and life standards. Some people worked hard in acquiring wealth while some people worked hard in stealing the wealth that had been worked for. Over time, there have been different rates of crime with different crime activities among individuals. The crime activities are related to different periods depending on the level of technology among other factors that largely determine the type of criminal activities carried out in the society (Heiland 15).

      In early 1960s, industrialization had taken its course and different classes of people had started forming amongst members of the society. The top most class was the capitalist, the class that owned all the factors of production in the society and was the main employer to all workers in the society. Under the capitalists were the working classes, which represented individuals who worked for the capitalists and had little or no wealth at all. Below the working class was the final class of...


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