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Reform and Innovation of Vibration Sieve

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1. The vibrating screen imitation stage: 
In this stage, it is the period of imitation, and laid a solid foundation for the development of screening machinery in China due to the success of the imitation abroad vibrating screen, while cultivating a number of technical personnel. Original imitation of the former Soviet Union, circular vibrating sieve ВКТ? The OMZ-type shaking screen, as well as Poland, circular vibrating screen, CJM? 21 vibrating screen and hanging linear shaker.2. Park vibrating screen independent research and development stage:
From 1966 to 1980, China has independently developed a number of excellent new screening equipment. Their successful research basically meet the domestic needs, although there are more failure, short-lived, but it marks a screening machine in China embark on the road of independent development. If there is any 1500MM 3000MM heavy vibrating screen and series, 15M2 30M2 resonance screen and a series of coal with uniaxial, biaxial vibrating screen series, YK and ZKB self-synchronous linear vibrating screen series isopach probability screen series, hot and cold mineral sieve series. A big step forward on the path of development of the vibrating screen is made.
3. Linear shaker rapid development stage
Reform and opening to the outside world in the 1980s, which successfully developed a vibration probability screen series, rotating probability screen series, and completed the box type vibration exciter thick sieve series, since synchronization thick sieve series heavy duty, heavy duty cold the hot griddle series, Chi Zhang sieve, spiral three sections sieve powder 
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