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Ronald Reagan Revolution Through President Obama

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Reagan Revolution through President Obama





There exist two chief turning points in the period under explication. The initial key turning point was the ousting of communism and the termination of the cold war. The subsiding of the cold war and the detriment of communism resulted into reduction of nuclear weaponry by both the USA and the Soviet, though plenty of weaponry still exists. Additionally, the second key turning point in this epoch was the immense growth in the USA monetary system as President Clinton occupied office. He made it possible for the USA to record a magnanimous surplus of approximately $300 billion (Schultz, 2012). Popularly, it was the third way, a centrist and assorted blend of stipulations taken from both conformist and non-interventionist perspectives.
An extremely popular concern that was apparently controversial several years ago and still is contentious in the contemporary era is the issue of American health-care. Rodham Clinton, the first lady introduced it into the congress during Clinton’s first term of Presidency. Notably the members never endorsed the initiative and still do not support it in the contemporary times. Presently, the people have endorsed and approved the affordable Health-care Act that people popularly term as the Obama-care. This stipulation is beneficial to the entire American populace and induces a positive change in the public (Schultz, 2012).
The AIDS pandemic came to realization in the USA in 1981 (Avert.org). More so, the politicians were sluggish in responding to the epidemic because they assumed that the only persons that were vulnerable to the epidemic were the homosexual men. Thus, the government intentionally ignored the matter, since to them it was a quandary associated with the gay people. Reagan was overly reluctant to bring the AIDS issue to light and ordered the General Surgeon not to discuss it (Schultz, 2012). However, the disease spread rapidly beyond...


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