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Grammar Paper

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English Grammar II Paper

    Part I  Multiple Choice (45%, 1 point each)

    Directions: Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Please serve me ___ soup.
  A. more some
  B. the less
  C. more the
  D. some more
2. The qualities of my hometown, ___on me as a boy, had a profound effect on the philosophy that directed my career.
  A. Having impressed
  B. Impressed
  C. Impressing
  D.To be impressed
3. Are you going to buy___ rice?
  A. all these
  B. these all
  C. all this
  D. both this
4. He is           than his brother.
    A. more sportsman
    B. more of a sportsman
    C. sportsman enough
    D. enough of a sportsman
5. I intend to move that our committee___Jim as chairman, and I hope that you will second my motion.
  A. Will appoint
  B.  Appoints
  C. Appoint
  D. Appointed
6. Neptune is about thirty times as far from the Sun _____   .
  A. is the Earth
  B. the Earth is
  C. is as the Earth
  D. as is the Earth
7. This action is               as I expected.
    A. enough of a success
    B. more of a success
    C. as much of a success
    D. as much success
8. The man is not           .
  A. enough scholar
  B. much of a scholar
  C. much scholar
  D. enough of scholar
9. Talking about that is useless, ____ is familiar to me.
  A. which fact
  B. the fact of which
  C. fact
  D. that fact
10.           friends usually speak highly of him.
  A. His some
  B. His many
  C. Many his
  D. Some his
11. Please serve me         soup.
  A. more some
  B. the less
  C. more the
  D. some more
12.           alloy may be used to replace copper.
  A. Such a
  B. Some such
  C. Such some
  D. Several such
13. Please send           samples to London by air.
  A. these enough
  B. five these
  C. enough these
  D. these five
14. Are you going to buy           rice....


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