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Reading Is the Best Way for Student

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[Abstract] improve the students reading ability is essential in language teaching. This article describes the improvement of teaching practice-based college English reading ability of several effective ways to reform the English teaching methods to help students to read the concept of change and overcome the bad reading habits.

    [Keywords:] to read the concept of teaching methods


    Language activities, reading is a very important part of improving students reading comprehension ability has always been one of the important goals of foreign language teaching. The improvement of reading ability can not do without the guidance of the correct theory and correct systematic approach and training. This paper is effectively in teaching practice to improve students English reading ability and experience of attempts.


    (A) help students to read the concept of change


    Many students believe that reading, the reader is author-centric one-way process of acceptance of passive information. In fact reading is a positive thinking activities, rather than merely passive acceptance of information process. Geleilite has pointed out that, in the reading process, readers continue to read material on the content, functionality assumptions, and continually confirm or modify their assumptions, to make further predicted that the discovery and attention to details, the information on the new intake analysis, reasoning, judging and evaluation. To achieve this end, the reader with the author must be interaction between the reader not just a passive recipient of information, but through the use of its past experience and learned the vocabulary, grammar, voice and other language knowledge, and then through the right thoughts and feelings expressed by the writer's thinking and reflection to create meaning. Therefore, reading the true sense is a creation, is a high-level positive thinking activity. Teachers should read the idea that the...


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