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Media Paragraphs.
A number of different features pages are evident on both media platforms.   Kerrang! Magazine has reviews and previews of albums and gigs. These reviews are genre specific and are aimed at the target audience. The target audience generally being men who are into heavy metal and rock music. These reviews show the target audience which music to look into and not. This makes the magazine appealing to the target audience as it shows that they know their music. Also they have interviews with people from the heavy metal and rock scene. This appeals to the audience because they want to see and read what their icons are up to. Also the interview may reveal something of an artist’s future works. Again dragging the target audiences attention to the mag. TOTP magazine has brief interviews that generally delve into the celebrity’s lifestyles instead of their career.   TOTP magazine’s target audience are generally young girls about 13-16 years of age. This would appeal to them because they are more interested in how they can become the celebrity rather than their music. Also on the online version it give brief versions of the features page making people want to buy it and get the full scoop. NME features new bands, old bands and the upcoming bands of our era. Their target audience are people who are into music and are men who are about 16- 25 years of age. This appeals to them because they are keen to find new music but perhaps want to re-ignite an old flame when older bands are mentioned. Also they have a gig review which gives their opinion on concerts. The audience like this as they know which gigs are good and know those which aren’t good. Again this makes the mag appealing as it appears they know what they are talking about.
All 3 music publications employ a number of examples of audience participation to their target audience and make them want to be part of the action. Kerrang! Has Kerrang! TV and Kerrang! Radio. This appeals to the audience because...


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