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Inspector Calls

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Priestly uses a wide range of methods to show how he feels about the selfishness of families such as the Birlings. One of these techniques used is persuasion. He uses persuasion to convince the audience that he is right about what he believes in which is socialism. He uses the inspector as his mouthpiece to convey his thoughts about the topic socialism. An example of this is when the inspector says, “She was still Eva Smith when Mr. Birling sacked her – for wanting twenty-five shillings a week instead of twenty-two and six.” He uses the hyphen to add effect. It is almost sarcastic that you sacked Eva for wanting twenty-five shillings a week. He puts the blame onto the Birlings and blames them for her death when the death was a suicide so no one can be accountable for the death but priestly makes the inspector a trusted character so the audience take the inspectors side and want to see the Birlings convicted of the death of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.            
    Later on within the play Birling calls the families attention in making a speech, full of advice and warning to his young changes. Priestly uses this speech to great effect to show both Birling’s ignorance and pomposity, and also display use of dramatic irony, not only in the play, but also in the real world. Arthur believes himself to be right about everything but does not appear to realise that it his self-assuredness that leads to most of his problems, he makes a series of predictions during his speech that the audience, due to the time the play was written, knows to be untrue. Two of the main predictions Birling made were upon the Titanic and the event of a war. He goes on to talk about the Titanic an ‘absolutely unsinkable’ ship that sank on its maiden voyage.
  At the beginning of act one, the play is opened with ‘Giving us the port Edna’ from Mr Birling, giving the reader the idea that Mr Birling is wealthy. Priestly has indicated this well due to Birling emphasising that he can afford such...


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