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In Love and Trouble

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Cristina Grasso
Spring 2013
EDU 767
Tears of a Tiger

Dear Andy,

Mending a broken heart full of pain and guilt is never an easy task.   The sight of seeing your best friend lay motionless and the sounds of him screaming for help while you remain there helpless and powerless is a daunting image that will be never forgotten.   Often times in life Andy, things are beyond our control and as humans we will always ask the question “Why”.   Most often this simple question of why, can sometimes never be answered.    
Dealing with a loss is a painful and damaging life event.   Your stage of depression is no stranger to me.   I lost my cousin in a motorcycle accident in Italy just over nine years ago.   It was a warm summer night and my family just sat down to dinner.   I remember that dreaded phone call, my father’s face turned pale and the tears began to roll down his face.   The phone dropped to the floor and the pain bursted from his eyes.   The words of “your cousin has died” not only left me shocked and speechless, but I was totally helpless being over 4,000 miles away.   Like I you, I asked the simple question of “why”, something that could not be answered and I would never comprehend.
Andy, throughout the story you revealed your side of bravery, keeping a smile on your face whenever you were with Keisha.   This side of your personality shows you never letting your bad feelings or thoughts get in the way of what’s important to you.   While dealing with such a traumatic event in your life and battling with the ups and downs of depression, the lack of family support clearly bothered you.   Your parents were able to provide comfort through material possessions, but you were only simply crying out for their warmth and love.   If you had their support and love in dealing with the situation, would things have been different?  
Andy, no one will ever know what you were feeling or the inner demons you were trying to fight off.   A sport, like basketball, can be a release of...


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