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"NEVER try to teach a pig to sing: you waste your time ...and you annoy the pig." - Ssshawnnn


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What Means the Most
As a child, Kane was not exceptionally fortunate. One of the few things he recieved for Christmas one year was a sled. Rosebud. Throughout his life as young adult, he was a nice man. he always seemed to look at the glass half full. During this time in his life, he actually respected and cared for others. When he and his friend Leland took control of the Inquirer,they made a Declaration of Principal. The declaration stated that they would always present the news to the working man the way it should be. When the stock market crashed, Kane was forced to sell a part of the paper. This could be thought of as the turning point in this film. Kane was accompanied by his first wife towards the beginning of the turn. they were a great couple in the beginning, but over time they grew apart. Kane just began to care less about others, and more about himself and his possessions. His first marriage ultimately ended as the result of his fling with the “singer” known as Susan. As he grew older, he began to change his own persona. Caring less and less about others. He started to have Susan as his new girl at this point. He had her sing, get singing lessons, even though she didn’t want to, nor did the singing coach think she had any talent. Kane persisted to have her sing. He bought an opera house and there Susan had her debut. It did not go over very well. there were bad reveiws in every paper you could find.You would think that at least Kanes own paper would have a decent review, but no. Leeland was in charge of the review on   Susan’s performance. The only thing is that Kane had told him to write a bad review on purpose. Kane arrived to the press that night to find Leeland asleep. He proceeded to write not only a bad review, but instead made it worse than all of the others. He then sent a check to Leeland for his company share, and fired him. This being another example of his lack of caring towards anyone but himself. He had started to live in his “get away”...


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