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Gender Roles

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Using my cross media case studies which were Twilight, before the devil knows your dead and Toy story 3 and other research I have studied I am able to explain why it is important for instructions to use a multi-platform other than just one.

After finding out promotion techniques about those movies I have come to the conclusion that, when promoting movies it is best trying out multi-platforms. This is because they will be trying to appeal to a mass audience and not all of them will be attracted to the same platform due to different demographics such age groups, genders and careers. Social media advertisement will catch the teenage eye as they are known to spend most of their   time on social sites such as Facebook also it could start a twitter trend if successful. Print media in magazines will appeal to teenage girls and house wives as it will probably be bright and colourful which will prove attractive.   Whereas a more dull promotion such as print media in newspapers won’t as they’re more likely to appeal to the working class middle age public. Moving images will appeal to all genders, something such as a trailer of a movie will be good because it only shows the highlights so people will ask a lot of rhetorical questions about it and they will be keen to watch it to find out the answers.
TV advertisement is best for working class people and parents as they probably catch up on television after a long day of working hard. However it is important to pick the right channel to promote, for example if it’s a movie about performing arts it’s best to advertise it on a music channel, if it’s a Si-fi movie advertise it on a channel which relates to that, if it’s a cartoon advertise it on an animation channel this will be key marketing skills and you will make sure the right person will notice it. Billboards are also another promotion best for parents and working class people as it will be in their sight when travelling to places.
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