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Who Causes Collisions

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Christopher Park
DTSM Assignment: Who Causes Collisions

Inexperience: An inexperience driver can cause a collision because they've only begun driving a motor vehicle. For example a stunt driver who has built their whole life around driving has more experience behind the wheel and is more comfortable with driving. As someone like myself who has just begun driving this year does not fully understand driving a car. Possible way to avoid this is practice in a safe environment before going on the streets of Ottawa so new drivers have some experience driving a motor vehicle.
Inattention: Drivers who lack paying attention while drivers are a huge danger to other road users. Mostly this is caused by a lack of sleep. Prior to driving a motor vehicle make sure you've had good night's rest. If the driver is falling asleep well operating a motor vehicle, the driver should stop either for the night or pull over when it is safe to rest.
Inconsideration: Drivers who don't consider who has the right of way in a situation, could go out of turn and run into someone else. Simple solution to this, pay attention know the rules of the road.
Impatience: A driver who is impatient is prone to causing collisions. These drivers speed through traffic, roll through stop signs, run red lights , and don't stop for traffic the list goes on. Just the other day on my way to school some impatient driver rolled through a stop sign making the left, as another driver (who had the right away) was entering the intersection. The collision was avoided but was very close.   A solution to this is to be ready to leave on time in the morning or even to be 10 minutes early to avoid rushing through traffic.
Ignorance: Drivers who are ignorant of road conditions such as black ice or hydroplaning could easily lose control of their own vehicle. To solve this, be cautious when driving to road conditions and pay attention to road signs
Inability: If a driver has a mental disability then they are...


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