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How We Will Survive in the Unsafe Messy World? (Must Read)

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how we will survive in the unsafe messy world ? (must read)

Who will protect us from cruelty?

Who will protect our respect and our dignity?

No doubt this world is not safe. We step outside and we are not sure weather we will come home safely or not. It’s a complicated and dangerous world. Everything looks easy and safe but its not. The one who is trusted breaks our trust in seconds. It’s unsafe to believe anyone.

Everyday we see that in every corner there is some kind of criminal activity. Its an unfaithful environment and humans are the biggest danger , its better to trust animals at least they wont harm us for money but humans are out of there mind , they can do anything for money and sex. The lust for these two things is very disastrous and this lust can make any one crazy. People are losing trust and they are crossing there limits to fetch money and pleasure. It’s shameful to see and live in the environment where people are ready to kill each other, they find excuses to invite violence and the tone of human beings is pathetic, they need everything and for that they can even kill there loved ones.

I don’t know from where this dirty smell of selfishness is coming. But I can guess that it’s coming from our own people. Relatives are the biggest enemies we can get. Relatives are affected by jealousy easily and they do backstabbing very well as they are aware of each and everything about the family. All the issues of family are known to these relatives and they do not lose a single chance in exploiting us. Today all the joint families are turning into nuclear families. These nuclear families do not have any protection. In joint family we are safe as there are so many members living under one roof and in any problem all the family members can apply the tool of unity to win the battle of problems. But in a nuclear family, there are limited members and that’s why they are easily attacked by outside sources.

We are very well aware of our government...


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