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Ancient civilisations still influence our lives. For example, our style of government is similar to the Greek model of democracy. Greek designs can also be seen in some our modern buildings. Many of the symbols we use in mathematics come from the Greek alphabet too. You might even have heard of many stories from Greek theatre. The Olympic Games started in Greece and the word ‘gymnasium’ is also from Greek. It is no wonder that ancient Greece is called the cradle of civilisation

Like other ancient civilisations, the Chinese too possessed a rich culture of music, art and literature. However, the ancient Chinese were far ahead in many other areas. They were the first to use bricks for building houses. The Chinese were also excellent shipbuilders. They travelled far and wide for trade in ships called junks. These junks had movable sails. Paper money was also first used by them. The Chinese physicians were able to cure many illnesses. The method they used is called acupuncture.

Greek myths were told to teach people how they should live. These lessons can apply to us even today. The story of King Midas teaches us not to be greedy for wealth. When Midas got all the gold he wanted, he was even more unhappy. If we are tempted to do what we have been told not to, we should remember the story of Pandora’s Box. Our disobedience can sometimes bring suffering to other people around us and we might have to pay a high price for our actions.


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