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Hitler: Man of the Year

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Adolf Hitler: Time Magazine Man of the Year 1938- Fanny Ponce
Hitler was chosen as Man of the Year in 1938 because of he had the most influence on events from the past year. The title of “Man of the Year” can be a man whose actions are for good or for bad. What counts is the impact of his presence and his impact on other people, events, and masses. Hitler had been very involving in developing political ideas and suggestions. He met to redraw the map of Europe. Also, on September 29 in Munich he produced a foreign policy he had been working on for nearly six years. He was able to bring Germany out of disastrous conditions. Hitler was also able to steal Austria without any major opposition. Later through the year, part of Czechoslovakia was converted into a German protectorate. Hitler also demanded a revision of Europe’s defensive alliances. In no time, leaders and nations feared him and didn’t dare to stand against him, surrendering to his desires. Hitler was major in Europe, and had 10,500,00 more people (who were Sudetens and Austrians) under his dictatorship. His Nazi party was responsible for anti democratic beliefs. Fascism gained popularity in many nations, including Spain, Brazil, Rumania, Hungary, Poland, Finland and Lithuania, who got their inspiration from Hitler’s political views. Hitler brought in wars whose cause derived from race and ethnicity. His ideas for terrorism and propaganda were surprisingly effective. To the population’s eyes, Hitler was a self disciplined, charismatic man, almost supernatural. I believe that the way in which the National Socialism party was quickly earning majority gaining electoral strength was a clue of how big its leader would eventually be. It was almost a premonition of the possible magnitude of this man’s decisions. The conditions post World War I contributed to people wanting a change in government. The conditions of the treaty and economic depression made people enter a desperate, hopeless state in which they...


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