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Green Buildings

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We have come to a stage where everyone is talking about sustainable building and green building. The hot topic of recent is Climate change. All the countries around the world now know the reason why this climate is changing unexpectedly and are coming forward to tackle this situation. Construction industry is coming forward with new ideas to tackle these problems, and design buildings for low energy consumption. Sustainable design is cost effective as well as it’s a small step to fight climate change.
Buildings, resources & the environment
  * Buildings are highly resource intensive
      * Raw materials, energy, water
  * 30-40% of world’s primary energy is used in buildings
      * Construction
      * Operation & maintenance
  * High rise in demand for new construction
      * Greenfield projects
      * Demolition of low-rise zones to create high-rise buildings
  * Adverse impacts of buildings on the environment
      * Contributing to greenhouse gas emissions
      * Depletion of resources & increase in waste generation

Source: Sustainable Building and Construction Initiatives, 2006
Recent efforts to meet the challenge
  * Design & development of energy efficient buildings
      * Reduced embodied energy of the building
      * Designing concepts & advanced materials to lower the operating energy
  * Aiming for carbon neutral buildings
      * High performance buildings (low energy or zero-energy)
      * Energy-positive buildings
  * Green buildings
      * Less resource intensive
      * Least impact on the environment
      * Improved quality, comfort & health of the inhabitants
Definition of a green building
“A green building should create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departed”
- Natural Capitalism -
Concept of sustainable architecture

Source: Sustainable Architecture and Building Design, 2002
Cost effective concepts/tech./products


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