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Romeo and Juliet

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In this essay I will be commenting and comparing on how strong feelings in Romeo and Juliet, The willing Mistress by Aphra Behn, my pretty rose tree by William Blake and first love by John Clare and there effects are made interesting.   Strong feelings are used in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ throughout the play. The emotions we see have strong variation but the two main emotions that a displayed are love and hate. Hate is only seen in the form of hatred between the two houses; “a montague...their oldest enemy” whereas love is seen between family, romantically and sexually. Strong emotions are very important in the play because the whole plot is given away in the prologue, and people would become uninterested as they already know what will happen. By portraying deep emotion the reader is keen to read on.
The first significant instance of strong feelings in Romeo and Juliet is in act 1 scene 5.   In this scene Romeo and Juliet meet. Note that in spite of its title, this play has very few scenes in which both lovers are present (one being this scene and another being the balcony scene in act 2 scene 2). In this scene there is both hatred and love as Romeo falls in love at first sight and the fiery Tybalt is enraged by the presence of Romeo at a Capulet reunion. “O she doth teach the torches to burn bright” is a quote of strong positive emotion. As soon as Romeo catches sight of Juliet he immediately forgets Rosaline and begins to comment on Juliet’s beauty. The specific word “teach” in the context tells the reader that she is the most radiant thing he has ever seen as he say that she “teaches the torches to turn bright”. In First Love written by John Clare, love at first sight is described as a physical impact unlike in Romeo and Juliet where there is more of a light hearted complimentary approach. For example in First Love there are quotes such as: “struck...face turned pale...my legs refused”. Clare describes a state of powerlessness, a loss of...


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