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Cinema Test

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Cinema Test
1) An artist is someone who tries to show us his or her own interpretation of what the human experience actually is.   The first step is through the use of art, like a film.   The second is what the artist actually portrays; what the experience is.   First the artist has an experience; they have their response, be it inspiration or confusion.   Then they decide which form of art will be used to convey this feeling.   Then the audience views the art where the artist waits for a reaction.
2) The artist responds to either a real or imagined experience.   A real experience is something that actually happened, and an imaginary is something that was experienced in a dream.   The collaboration of film making leads to issues because all of the actors, producers, and directors and writers have their own idea of how the movie should go, this causes clashes between them which causes the quality of the movie to suffer.  
3) Film can be broken down into Form and Content.   Furthermore they can be broken down into the cinematic means; photography, motion, and sound, and Narrative or dramatic form.   Content is further broken down into the subject of the film and how the subject is conveyed.   What is the story, and how is it told.
4) Photography, Motion, and Sound.
5) Content is what is being told or shown, it is the story of the movie while form is how they are being portrayed or told.  
6) A shot is the amount of subject included within a frame.   The six basic shots are Extreme Long which is about a football field length away, Long Shot which is about 20 to 75 feet away, Full body which is the feet to a little above the head, Medium shot which is from the hips to the head, Close up which is from the bust up, and an extreme close up which is only a face or eye.   The angle of the shot is based on the placement of the camera in relation to the plane.   Low angle; closer to the ground shows supremacy, High angle taken from higher up shows weakness, eye level to show...


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