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Romeo and Juliet True Love

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Many things throughout each novel are important to the plot of the story. Many details and actions in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare are significant to the plot of the play. One action that is significant to the plot is when Romeo kills Paris. Romeo returns to Verona to see his wife Juliet dead. He was un-aware of the plan for the two of them to run away, so Romeo was under the impression that Juliet was dead. At the tomb he encounters Paris. Paris says, “Can vengeance be pursued further than death? Condemnèd villain, I do apprehend thee. Obey and go with me, for thou must die (5, iii, 55-58). Paris is asking Romeo if he can have revenge on dead bodies. He says to Romeo tat he has caught him and that he must die. After saying this Romeo fills with anger. Romeo says “By urging me to fury. O, be gone! By heaven, I love thee better than myself. For I come hither armed against myself (5, iii, 63-65). Here, Romeo tells Paris to not make him angry because he does not want to commit yet another crime. After, he says that he loves Juliet more than he loves himself, and he has come to the tomb with weapons to use against himself. This is significant to the plot of the story because this is the first time that Romeo and Paris both show that they both love Juliet together. They both meet with the same intent, to say one last goodbye to their loved Juliet. At this time the two fight and Romeo kills Paris, becoming victorious. This shows that Romeo is superior after all, and not the ‘girl’ in the relationship. That action portrayed how Romeo truly did love Juliet. Now with Paris out of the way Romeo was the only thing Juliet had, and Juliet was the only thing Romeo had.

Romeo was willing to do anything for love. During the whole entire play, Romeo was willing to do anything from climb the walls of the Capulet’s to see Juliet, to even kill who she was planned to marry. Romeo was so madly in love with Juliet. He would die for love. After killing Paris, he removes...


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