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Change in Temperature

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Aim:   To determine the change in temperature in 5 different ways in one minute each using a glass thermometer.

I think that the water in the kettle is going to be the greatest in temperature change because it specialised in heating up water and will give the most kinetic energy to change the water temperature compared to the other heating method

Equipment (Apparatus):
Hot plate



Bunsen Burner

2x Glass thermometer

Stop watch

Tap water


2x 500ml beaker

Safety Precautions: While doing this investigation here are some precautions that I will have to take.

Be careful when using the hot plate on.

Be careful when using the kettle, the steam can burn you.

Use a appropriate glove when using the bunsen burner so you won’t burn yourself.

Determine the power output of each appliance (measured in Watts). It will be located somewhere on the device, if not research it.

Measure 500mL of water into each of the 800mL beakers.

Determine the initial temperature of the water in the first beaker.

Pour the water into the kettle.

Heat the water for 60 seconds using the stopwatch to measure the time.

Determine the final temperature of the water in the kettle.

Calculate the change in the temperature of the water.

Repeat steps 1 to 6, 4 more times to increase accuracy.

Repeat steps 1-8 for the remaining heating devices.

Variables: I will change the heating methods, I will have a different heating sources for each trial. I will measure the amount of water that I will put on each beaker and the amount of time. I will keep the same the amount of water, the timing and glass thermometer.

Collecting Data (Results):

|                   |Change in Temperature (oC)                                                                                       |

|Power (W) |Trial 1 (±0.5 oC) |Trial 2 (±0.5 oC) |Trial 3(±0.5 oC) |Trial 4 (±0.5 oC) |Trial 5 (±0.5 oC)...


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