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The Use Instructions of Yifan Jaw Crusher

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  The Use Instructions of YIFAN Jaw Crusher
  The use instructions of Jaw Crusher (preparation-start-maintenance)
  jaw crusher
  1. The preparation work before start.
  a. Carefully checking whether the lubrication condition of the bearing is good and if there is enough grease in the connection of the bearing and bracket or not.
  b. Carefully checking all the fastenings are fully tightened.
  c. Whether the transmission belt is good, the belt should be replaced when broken. If there is grease on the belt or pulley, we should clean with the cloth.
  d. Whether the protective devices are in good condition, if not, we should eliminate immediately.
  e. Checking the crushing cavity and making sure that there are no ores or other debris existing.
  2. The start of the crusher.
  a. Making sure that the machine and the transmission parts are normal before starting.
  b. The machine only starts in the case of no load.
  c. If there are abnormal situations existing after the start, you should immediately stop until you identify and eliminate the abnormal situations.
  3. The maintenance and use.
  a. Assuring that the operation of machine is normal before you starting feeding.
  b. The materials to be crushed should be evenly added to the crusher cavity, avoiding side feeding and preventing the load mutation and sudden unilateral increase.
  c. In normal case, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 degree; the maximum temperature must not exceed 70 degree. If exceeding 70 degree, you should immediately stop until you identify reasons and eliminate them.
  d. You should first stop feeding before stopping, and then turn off the motor until the crushed materials are completely discharged.
  e. When use, if the machine stops which is caused by the materials obstruction in the crushing cavity, you should immediately turn off the motor and eliminate the clogged material before restarting.
  f. If one end of the jaw is wearied, you can turn around....


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