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Making Clocks

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Making Clocks

Clocks are very important for everyday life because they allow you to know the time and help you to schedule your day. Clocks have been made for centuries, yet few people know how to make them. Clock manufacturing requires 3 steps.

The First stage is to make the body of the clock. The plastic is cut and they put the waste into a recycle bin. Soon after the edges of the plastic are evened out with two machines and then the shape of the plastic is checked by a quality inspector. If the product fails the requirements, it is sent back for more sanding and polishing. Next, the centre of plastic is drilled in order to fit the clock mechanism.

The next stage is to combine everything together. Firstly, the numbers are attached accurately to plastic then, the product is checked for accuracy by a quality inspector. If a product is not accurate, it is thrown out. Later, the clock mechanism is set up and the hands are attached. In the following stage the battery is placed into the clock and tested to ensure the mechanism and battery both work.

The last step is to check the accuracy. The time is set accurately and a final quality check is completed. If a product is faulty, it is thrown out.
Finally the clocks are ready for sale. They are distributed to stores around the world.
Making clocks involve many processes but factories still producing them, because they are important for people of all ages both young and old.


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