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Geography River

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Geography – City
  (1) Figure 1a shows the distribution of farmland in Hong Kong in 1954 and 2008. Figure 1b shows the urban areas of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 2008.

Figure 1a

Figure 1b

a i Study Figures 1a and 1b. Describe the changes of agricultural and urban land uses in Hong Kong in the past decades. (4 marks)

ii What phenomenon has appeared in Hong Kong according to the answer to Question ai? (1 mark)

iii Why did the phenomenon mentioned in Question aii appear in Hong Kong? (5 marks)

b What negative impact does the phenomenon mentioned in Question aii bring to the rural areas?               (5 marks)

c Refer to Figure 1a. Will the changes in agricultural land use lead to food shortages in Hong Kong? Why? (3 marks)

(2) Study the following information sheet.
Sustainable development in Costa RicaIn Costa Rica, the government has launched a scheme. Under this scheme, farmers are paid to plant, preserve and regenerate areas of primary rainforest. This will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and thereby help fight global warming. At the same time, the scheme provides jobs, sustainable sources of wood and tourism opportunities in small communities. This increases the income of local people. This scheme is sustainable in that it promotes economic growth, while preserving the ecological balance and enhancing stability in society. |
a i Define sustainable development. (2 marks)
ii Why is sustainable development important? (3 marks)
b What can an individual do to promote sustainable development? (6 marks)
What are the costs and difficulties of developing Hong Kong into a sustainable city? (6 marks)


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