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Hi there i need some one to look over my essay im having a hard time i need help. please feel free to critize. The question is write an essay about your reasons for selecting nursing as a career. describe how your strengths will guide you toward sucess and discuss how you will overcome obstacles that may interfere with your progress?

A nurse is a person who cares for the sick or infirm. This is a simple definition to a profession that is far from simple and easy for a profession that not only requires medical care but that emotional connection as well. The reason why I want to become a nurse is not only to care for the sick and help those in need but to be the helping caring hand along the way of what could be the most difficult time in a person’s life. Nursing is not only a career but a way of living. The simple act of putting on a band aid or simply asking to accommodate the patient could make a difference in the care and experience of the patient and their family. Nurses are always having an influence and an impact in everyone’s life whether you’re the one under care or just a relative. And at the end of the day the reward of all of the hard work the feeling of satisfaction because you have made a difference in someone’s life is priceless.

Ever since I was in High school I knew that I wanted a career in the field of Nursing. During my four years of high school I prepared myself by completing and successfully obtaining my high school diploma along with a Certificate in the Medical Assisting course. Unlike many high school kids I didn’t have the privilege of having my parents help me with my home work or special project. Due to a language barrier my parents were not able to provide that kind of support for me and my siblings. This only helped not only me but my siblings become independent and responsible for our own actions. My parents did encourage us to get an education and achieve and pursue our professional goals. Even thou I would have preferred to go...


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