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The Eighty Dollar Champion

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Harry went to the horse auction, looking for a quiet lesson horse. And when he got there the man with the kills was loading the last one, it seemed the man did not want to be bothered but Harry was not giving up he wanted a horse. Harry and Snowman the horse, had love for each other, and Harry knew this but what he didn’t know is when he would sell Snowman he would end up back in his barn. He jumped a few fences to get back to Harry’s place. Harry brought the horse back and told the owner to put him in a smaller pen that way he can’t get a running start to jump. Unfortunately it didn’t work so Harry had another plan, cowboys tied tires to the horse to train them to stay in one place. So Harry tried that it, but it didn’t work so Harry trained him to jump all kinds of fences, Snowman won a lot of competitions with this natural ability.

Harry the owner of Snowman was a short stocky man with sandy colored hair.   He had fled from post war Europe with only a few simple belongings. Harry had never been afraid to dream big dreams. Snowman the horse was a big gray gelding with big brown eyes, and was a plow horse. He looked like a workaday police horse or a central park hack, which is carriage horse. He is a kind, gentle, and loyal animal.

Where Harry & Snowman lived was out in the country on Long Island, in New York. It was a converted chicken farm on a modest lot. They had a 3-story home and Harry had single handedly rebuilt the chicken stoop into a stable with six box stalls and twelve standing stalls. Under the stable is a basement they call a tact room where competitors look over their equipment, Outside is where they brush and groom their horses. The pasture is green during the spring and summer, but covered in snow during the winter.

The author is telling the story about a man with a dream. How his dream came true, by accident. I think the author wrote this story to encourage others to follow their dreams. . I learned that no dream is too big or...


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