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Psychology essay
It has been found that relationships can help your psychological well being. In the article “marriage and madness “it has been found that people who are single are 22 % more likely to die earlier and for people who have been widowed they are 45% more likely die earlier. The reason for this is because without relationships people don’t receive support or a buffer from real life. Research has found that relationships can be buffers from real life where people can let off steam and the negativity which relieve stress. This is good physiologically because it relieves stress and stress can lead to illness as found by Hans Selye in his research.  
Mediated relationships and also help psychological well being. House, Landis and Umberson found that belonging to a support group reduces stress. This is because mediated relationships can offer some of the same things as face to face relationships, people online can offer support and help people feel like they belong somewhere. .   Websites such as facebook have been found to help people psychologically which has been found by a study conducted by Williams and Mertens. They studied posting pages of 20 adolescents who had died between 2007 and 2005. It was found that these pages helped with grieving and the prolonging attachment of their friend which will lead to psychological well being. This research is good has they didn’t psychologically harm anyone in the process of finding their results .The only limitation is that we don’t really know what happened to the people and how much facebook helped and not other factors   .Online communities can also be buffers from stress. Although they can be buffers from stress online communities can also have negative effects as people can be bullied. Also online communities can offer support for the wrong things like pro anorexia website and suicide communities which can damage psychological well being
Relationships can also build up self esteem as there is someone to...


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