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Whether Should Learn Foreign Language in Primary School

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In this present age, the learning of foreign languages are playing significant roles in our lives. But in the meantime, whether primary school students should learn foreign language at the early age has sparked much debate. Some people think that studying foreign languages is more advanced than the other peers in their life, while the other people assert that foreign language should not be studied too early. As for me as far as I am concerned:. I am in favor of the former view.

Convincing arguments can be made that primary school students ought to learn different language as much as possible when they are kids. To start with, if they can grasp foreign languages very well, they could improve their efficiency at studying in the future. Moreover, with the development of economy, society needs well-rounded people. Specifically, speaking a foreign language can help them get a better job as a skill.

They can easily communicate with foreign people, especially in business. Lastly ,through learning foreign language , these students can know different cultures and histories. In other words, it will give students motivation to study in the future.

Admittedly , there is not good choice that primary school students learn foreign language at early age. The reason for this is that learning foreign languages will bring tremendous pressure to primary school students. Obviously, they will lose plenty of natural child development time in the childhood.

Another argument is that they are too young and their adaptability is limited, therefore they cannot think independently or analytically regarding issues. This means they could easily make mistakes.

In summary, I would concede that learning foreign languages will beget undue pressure for primary school students. Despite them facing increasingly enormous pressure of competition, primary school students have to study foreign languages that highlight their distinction from peer pressure. Overall, I am convinced that...


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