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Child Soldiers in Poverty Struck Countries

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In many countries across the globe there are places just like Canada or the United States were the general population, need never worry that their son or daughter will be forced to take up arms. In those countries most people have a stable job and live relatively comfortable, (Stats Canada). In Canada on average only 13.5 % of the population are people that fall into the low income tax bracket, (Stats Canada), this does not mean poverty though. However, in third world countries such as Columbia or Nepal, poverty is up to 37 %, (The World Bank). Furthermore, in countries like Columbia and Nepal children are stolen away from their families and forced into service as child soldiers. This kidnapping of children and forcing them to become child soldiers is terrible and should never happen, yet it will continue to happen unless the economic situations are stabilized. For without these stabilizations there is job lose, faulty governments and the people feel a need to take things into their own hands, thus creating warlords in these third world countries who are responsible for the rise of child soldiers.

The life of soldier is a choice that people should be allowed to make when they become an adult. No person should be forced to fight, especially children. However, children in some countries are taken away from their homes, kidnapped, and forced to fight in wars that have nothing to do with them. A child is described as someone who is under 18 years of age. These children that are taken from their homes and families are forced to experience and commit such atrocities that fully grown man would be plagued with. It is not enough that adults get PTSD from in combat, but these children of ages from 7-17 have to commit such terrible deeds that they may be permanently scarred for life. When these children are taken from their homes they are pressured to take drugs and drink alcohol to ensure they have a strong need to stay....


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