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Narrative Essay. July war

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July war, that dangerous experience I had with my family I can never   forget. The conflict began on July 12,2006 between Lebanon and Israel, which lasted thirty-four days in different parts of Lebanon especially in the southern and eastern regions .After fifteen days from the violent conflict, finally my father   managed to get tickets to travel by ship and decided to run away from the deadly war with his family to the gulf.
At that time the Israel army launched an air strike, targeting Beirut’s airport and all the roads were closed. Fortunately the road that led to the port was open but it was dangerous to pass through it so a brave good looking young man from the family members who was only 20 years old sacrificed his life to take us there. Safely we arrived to the port and when we boarded the ship he started waving as the ship was moving till he completely disappeared from sight.
Exhaustedly, after all I have seen I went up to the ship’s top deck and laid down looking at the wonderful starts and listening to the waves until I fell asleep without noticing. Suddenly I opened my eyes, saw two men pulling me back from the deck railing! I was about to fall but luckily I got saved.
After four days from sailing, we reached gratefully to the gulf. My father immediately called his family members in Lebanon to check up on them and tell them that we’ve reached safely till he gets surprised by hearing the sadly news that the young brave man who have taken us to the port was dead on his way back home.” We owe our lives to that man” he said with a tear in his eye.


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