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Unique Configuration of Bucket Elevator

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     The bucket elevator is mainly used for raising material to a certain height. It is also known as bucket conveyer,hoist conveyor or bucket hoist.It can transport materials like coal, cement, stone, sand, ore, and so forth. Since the traction mechanism adopts the circular chain with vat on it, bucket elevator is also called hoist bucket.
The bucket elevator can transport material with temperature of not more than 250 degree to the height of as high as 80 meters.
The Working Principle of Bucket Elevator
     When the material is fed into the hopper through the vibration table, the machine will automatically and continuously transport it upward. According to the amount of material, the speed and height can be adjusted. All parts are made according to the actual needs.
The Classification of Bucket Elevator
     Bucket elevator uses a series of hoppers which are evenly fixed on the traction mechanism to vertically lift materials. It falls into three types: bucket type lifter, plate chain bucket elevator and belt conveyor.
The Characteristics of Bucket Elevator
1. Small motor power, flow type feeding, induction discharge, intensive hopper arrangement, almost no material returning phenomenon.
2. Wide application, elevating not only powdery material but also granular and bulk material.
3. Long service life. The flow type feeding reduces machine abrasion.
4. Reliable operation. Advanced design philosophy and processing methods can ensure the steady running of 20,000 hours.
The bucket type lifter and plate chain bucket elevator are the two most commonly seen types.They usually adopt flow type feeding. The material will be raised to the top by the plate chain. Under the gravity, it discharges automatically. This machine is available in various specifications, features high efficiency, and low energy consumption. Generally, it adopts closed circuit casing, so it is outstanding for low noise and long service...


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