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Questioning Winton

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* fish drowning? irony? or just morbidity? why is he off in the head? cos brain damage from the thing? (edit: I'm up to the bit where he's older and the symptoms look like downs syndrome)
how come he can feel the spirits and the first thing he does is play that middle c? and whats with the plate spinning? and why does he smash the piano everytime something goes wrong? why is he so upset about the scarecrow? :(
  * what's with the aboriginal guy???
  * what's with quick and all those newspaper clippings?
  * is mrs lamb just in denial? :/
  * THE GALAH POOPS MONEY ¬†WHAT THIS ISN'T JACK AND THE GIANT BEANSTALK IS IT? (which bridget says is meant to be a metaphor but i really dont get what for)
  * quick, let me love you. omg.
how come he's expected to be so caring and unselfish 24/7 and expected to take care of fish where his parents don't do that much?
  * ughhhhh mrs pickles is such a sleazybumpoohead
  * bahahaha I just google imaged quick lamb and AHAHAHHA
  * quick and fish just started rowing and they were going in a circle which was actually really funny for some reason and I'm on the floor Laughing about the google images and the rowing
"Kim Jong il with bollocks on a wheel
and he's got bashed in and his eye in a sling
and he's lying on the grass with a candle up his arse and they can't get it up til morning~ morning"
  * what does "carn" even mean?
  * how is rose so mature? geepers
  * theme of drowning?
  * why does Sam put up with all his wife's bs?
  * GEEZ what is it with fish and water? "water water I can fly" and quick wakes up together and they're both sailing in the sky past clouds and laughing together and it's beautiful but really creepy. what.
  * what's with the war going on?
  * mrs lamb is bonkers. she's moving into a tent...? "Orielle wasn't the sort to argue with a living breathing house." WHAT
  * is the river symbolic of God? or gods will?
  * why does...


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