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.Net Notes

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Before .Net, a technology named COM (Component Object Model) was used to develop applications.
  * COM is specification for building application
  * Supporting languages for COM are
      * VB 6.0 - desktop application
      * C++ - good for system level programming
      * VC ++ - extended version of c++
      * VFoxpro - database integrated frontend
Like this each language has its own specialty.

To develop an application in VB 6.0 and need something from VC++ then we use COM to communicate the both   i.e. VB 6.0 talk through COM to VC++ and vice versa.
- Every COM supportive language has its own features and also has COM supported features
- By using COM we can do anything or can develop any type of package but
- COM is not complete Object Oriented and today’s applications demand Object Oriented Concept
- COM is platform dependant i.e. COM applications run only on Windows OS
- COM applications are good for Intel architecture that means Hardware or Processor dependency

In the mean time SUN and APPLE produced Languages / Packages that are fully Object Oriented and platform independent and can be made hardware independent, but not very flexible, simplified to develop applications. That is where .Net comes with the architecture of platform and Hardware Independent applications and fully Object Oriented with same COM flexibility.

Why .Net ?
.Net is a new technology from Microsoft for building applications of different types like console application, windows application, web application, mobile application etc.
.Net contains
  1. Framework
  2. Languages
  3. Servers
  4. Utilities

What is .Net ?
.Net is a Technology or platform that provides a standardized set of services.

Features of .Net :
  1. It is not a package not a language
  2. Complete object oriented
  3. Platform independent/ hardware independent
  4. Supports multiple languages like VB.Net, C#.Net, Cobol.Net, J#.Net etc.
  5. Event driven programming

Framework :
  * It is a...


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