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Thai Ethical Culture

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Thai’s Ethical Culture

  * Thailand is considerably different from Western societies in terms of fundamental values as well as work-related values. Thai ethics has been strongly influenced by Asian philosophies

  * Thai people are more collectivist and more accepting of power than people in the United States.

  * In Thailand, the society respects its elders, superiors, and patrons more so than in the U.S

  * Core values are considered to be collectivistic, fatalistic, and externally power controlled

  * Another key concept in Thailand is taking another person's feelings into account.

  * Respect for leaders, is another fundamental component of Thai Ethics

  * Public display of affection is not common in traditional Thai ethics and counted immoral.

  * It is immoral to have conflict and sudden displays of anger.

  * Employees are morally obliged to obey the law, moral and civil law at work and at other times. This is due to the religious background of the Thais, who are majority Buddha. Despite this fact, employee misconduct is present in organizations.

Work discrimination in Thailand


  * Thai women nowadays has the same rights at workplaces as Thai men, before women in Thailand where not even considered as a decent workforce.
  * Now Thai women are able to earn around 90% of the salary of a male in a similar job and this percentage is even higher than in U.S.
  * Nevertheless, in Thailand there is a culture of ‘Glass ceiling’ (you wont be able to reach a higher position if you are a woman, even though, you have education and achievements) so many women wont be able to reach a senior position in the organization.
  * The development of international companies in Thailand would be very helpful in order to ensure that Thai women are able to climb up the corporate ladder.
  * In Thailand disrespectful behaviour against the women is not accepted but still there are cases where women are still the victims of sex...


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