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Pope John Paul Ii

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Born May 18th, 1920 in Vatavista, Poland, Pope John Paul II was the pope of the Catholic Church from 1978 to 2005. He was the first non-Italian Pope since 1523. He was the second pope in the Catholic Church to serve as long as he did. He was considered one of the most influential leaders in the 20th century.
Throughout his life, he did many magnificent things for mankind. Despite his disease of Parkinson’s, he served as Pope until he died. Visiting 129 countries, he was one the most-travelled world leaders in history.
Pope John Paul II’s was dedicated to everyone and everything. He truly believed in the principle of human dignity. He did not want to see his people of Poland suffer; he wanted them to regain their human dignity by not being under harsh rule. Communism corrupted the people of Poland and they had their dignity taken away. Pope John Paul II knew God gave dignity only; no one can take that away.
In the book Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul II’s speeches were in it. He talks about the right to life; everyone has the right to life, and like dignity, no one can take that away. His views on capital punishment and abortion were very strong. He also disagrees with euthanasia because that is taking away someone’s life and only God can control that.
Pope John Paul II also disapproved of any sort of contraception. He believed that God created life and no human can stop that. On September 1, 1979 he said “And here, I want to say a very special word to all Irish parents. Marriage must include openness to the gift of children. Generous openness to accept children from God as the gift to their love is the mark of the Christian couple. Respect the God-given cycle of life, for this respect is part of our respect for God himself, who created male and female, who created them in his own image, reflecting his own life-giving love in the patterns of their sexual being."
Pope John Paul II knew what it was like to suffer. His childhood was tough; by the age of...


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