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Provide a Valid Definition of Theological Ethics and Provide Some Examples of Key Gender Related Ethical Issues and Contexts?

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DONE BY KAYLA BENADIE 1. Provide a valid definition of Theological Ethics and provide some examples of key gender related ethical issues and contexts? (33 marks) (600 words).

Ethics is a critical, philosophical study of moral choices, that is, that effect the well-being of human and other sentient forms of life. Choices may, or may not have an ethical dimension, for example: my decision to use money from the grocery budget to buy clothes, could have an ethical dimension, if money was tight. Moral choices are justified, and supported with good reason, in different ways. Different, moral positions attempt to express the broader moral perspectives and visions that people acquire in various ways. Ethics is the disciplined reflection of thinking towards and action, and not just performing the action. Theology thus refers to our disciplined reflections upon reality that we know and understand by faith. Questions are asked about the relation between this kind of reflection and that of ethics, but these questions are not quite what they seem. It puts it to us in terms of the relation to intellectual disciplines, to how reflections on God may relate to practical thinking in your daily life. Everything that I have just mentioned basically states that ethics is reflective and critical: it does not attempt to codify commonly accepted beliefs concerning moral questions, but attempts to find the grounds for reasonable moral beliefs. Morality works with ethics in every way, because it helps us to see and realise that without morality, there can be no ethical behaviour. Morality is the compliance to the standards and rules of moral and virtuous conduct, meaning following through with what is right and good. To obtain and live a fully moral, ethical and virtuous life, one needs to understand that there is more to life than that one person. We begin to learn from a very young age, that morality begins with the elaboration of the discovery of, and that something greater than...


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