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A Bad Friend

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Sandrian Smith
Mid-term Essay

“Teenagers are given too much freedom in today’s society. You may support or oppose this topic.”

Teenagers, are they too free?   Some may reason that they don’t have enough freedom while others feel that they have too much freedom.   Before we get in to reasoning let us first define what is a teenager?   The Webster Dictionary defines a teenager as being or like people in their teens.   In my opinion a teenager is one who has reached teen years; 13-19.   Now that we have an idea of what s teenager is, let us now discuss why individuals feel that teenagers’ freedom must be limited and extended.

Nowadays, many teenagers are spoilt; they are doing things that are unsuitable for their age.   You may ask, why?   I am sorry to say but, kids have too much freedom.   Which they take for granted and don’t know how to control themselves.   It’s a shame to see teenagers at midnight wandering the streets smoking, when they are supposed to be sleeping at home.   It is also sad to see teenagers taking drugs, when they could or are supposed to be studying.   These incidents happen in our daily lives and teenagers make uses of their so-called freedom to do whatever they want irrepressibly.   The teenagers’ parents are responsible for their offspring’s rampant acts.   They are giving their child too much freedom and money, yet they don’t provide them with any guidance.  

As a result, the young people who are lacking discipline will misunderstand how to use freedom properly which leads to cases of them smoking, taking drugs, committing crime, suicide and even promiscuity.   All these will have a negative effect on the society, which results in immorality.   Sometimes, you can see students on the street associating with a gang of youths wasting their precious time, smoking and using foul languages; you may even see...


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