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Woman in Ww1

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About the war
World War 1 was an extremely bloody war, with huge losses of life and little ground lost or won. Fought mostly by soldiers in trenches, World War 1 saw an estimated 10 million military deaths.
world war 1 came with its many problems and issues, Medical symptoms became a big problem. Millions of men who suffered psychological trauma as a result of their war experiences; Symptoms ranged from unmanageable diarrhoea to unrelenting anxiety. Soldiers who had bayoneted men in the face developed hysterical tics of their own facial muscles. Snipers lost their sight and Terrifying nightmares of being unable to withdraw bayonets from the enemies' bodies persisted long after the carnage.
World War One was to give women the opportunity to show a male-dominated society that they could do more than simply bring up children and tend a home. In World War One, women played a vital role in keeping soldiers equipped with ammunition and in many senses they kept the nation moving through their help in manning the transport system.
The years of WW1 saw a spread of women’s rights and female suffrage all over the world. Women at this time were treated differently from men, at least in voting rights. Especially, back then, women were considered to be inferior to men.
With so many men away fighting, someone had to bring in the harvests and keep the farms going. Therefore everyone had to become self-sufficient in food. The Women's Land Army played a vital part in this especially after 1916 when the Battle of the Somme killed and wounded so many young British soldiers. Before the war working class women worked mostly as maids and in factories. Middle class women were usually receptionists, teachers and nurses. Upper class women did not need to work because they were already in the upper class. During the war, lower class women...


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