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Vocab Story

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One dark, gloomy day, as I was walking to class, I stopped and noticed a large group of people crowding around this priest. The priest, a middle-aged man, was zealously speaking while waving his arms around. The aficionados were cheering in agreement with whatever the priest was saying. As I came closer, the priest was ranting about the young people in today’s society. He proceeded to denounce the prurient nature of young people and how they easily succumb to their desires. This homily was loudly supported by, ironically, the young people around me, and they seemed to agree with this tendentious rant that all young people were morally corrupt.   The priest continued his philippic attack against the corrupt society and after ten minutes he stopped to catch his breath. The thing he did next astounded me.
He grabbed a young man and began to browbeat him into admitting his sins in front of the whole crowd. The poor fellow looked terrified and when he made the mistake of saying he didn’t have any sins to confess, the priest howled. The priest then said that he will attend the young man’s obsequies because the young man will be punished with death for lying. The priest then shouted that this moral corruptness is systemic and that it won’t affect just our heart and mind, but all our organs, internal and external. He told the crowd to not foray into the “light” till we purge our bodies of the “disease” of moral corruptness.
Once I heard that, I scoffed and turned to walk away but then the priest called me to stop. I stopped and turned to face him. The priest came down from his platform and sauntered over to me. He came so close to me that I could smell his unpleasant breath as he asked me what my name was. I told him my name, and he asked me questioned me if I believed in God. I shrugged and said that I did not and of course that did not please him at all. Once again, he began a rant this time about my insouciant attitude toward God and how morally corrupt I was. Here we...


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