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  1. General state of health
  2. Favourite dish
  3. Habits
  4. Exercise
  5. Opinion on smoking and drinking
  6. What to do to be healthy in the future.

  1. As I am 15 years old, I think that I am in good shape. I have breathing problems so sometimes it is hard to breathe however; I take deep breathes in the morning and never smoke, to keep my body in good shape.

  2. My favourite dish is fruit salad because it is nutritional, and has no added sugars. In addition, it is tasty and delicious to eat and to make drinks with. I enjoy eating fruit because it helps my dental health to eat tough fruits like apples.

  3. My eating habits are sensible. I start with cereal in the morning because it contains lots of nutrients and it is the most important meal of the day. For lunch I have a cheese sandwich with strawberries to increase my energy and positive attitude. For my dinner, I always have a meal which has a balance of carbohydrates and protein to keep my strength.

  4. My exercise consists of stretch, running for 2 miles every day, often cycling with my friends and playing sports as much as I can. I do sports because I feel that I am never fit and I never do as much exercise as I am supposed to.

  5. In my culture, smoking and drinking is forbidden. I think that they are a bad habit because they damage your health and give you heart disease. Furthermore cigarettes smell bad and drinking kills brain cells

  6. To be healthy in the future, I think I need to do more exercise to get fitter and to get rid of my breathing problems. Additionally, i could add to my upper body exercise to improve my determination and confidence.

  1. J'ai 15 ans et je pense que je suis en bonne forme, cependant parfois J'ai de problème a respirer. Donc j’ai decider de ne jamais fumer, en plus je fais beaucoup de sport.
2. Mon plat préféré est la salade de fruits parce qu'elle est nutritive et a sans sucres ajoutés. En outre, il est savoureux et délicieux à...


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