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Irony in Othello

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In William Shakespeare’s play, Othello, verbal irony, dramatic irony, and situational irony are used to propel the action forward and to intensify the drama as it proceeds. Iago , Othello , and other characters set forth different ways of irony as the characters interact with each other throughout the play. As they encounter several situations they reveal themselves and their true emotions.
Iago is one specific character who clearly exemplifies verbal irony. Iago many shows the audience that he is Othello’s friend, when in reality he is not. “Those are the raise father and his friends, you were best go in”(I.ii.33-34), this is a clear example of Iago pretending to be interested in the well-being of Othello. Through verbal irony we are able to see how Iago is a hypocrite, for he means no such thing.Iago is only making Othello think that he can confide in him when in reality Iago is the least person Othello could count on.
In the play, Othello, dramatic irony is revealed when Iago is called “Honest Iago”. Iago, as everyone knows, is nothing but dishonest. In actuality he is the most dishonest, deceiving, and malevolent person that is revealed in the play. “ A man of honesty and trust To his conveyance I assign my wife” (ӏ.iii.323-324). This is an example of how Othello feels about Iago. Along with other characters, Othello is one that truly believes Iago can be trusted. It is ironic how many give him such recognition for his goodness, when he is really the last person who can be trusted.
In the ending the audience is truly expecting a different ending but it is ironic how Othello’s actions alter the final scene. Situational irony is definitely evident, “I kissed thee, I killed thee. No way but this, killing myself, to die upon a kiss” (V.ii.420-421). Here, after killing Desdemona, Othello feels completely guilty and decides to slay himself. This is something unexpected that occurs in the last scene and it is situational irony because it is such a dilemma that...


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